Yuan Herong | The Most Muscular Nurse In The World

Yuan Herong | The Most Muscular Nurse In The World
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We often think about skinniness and innocence whenever it comes to nurses
However, in today video, I wanna bring to you guys a whole surprise that is a giant nurse from China, and she is dubbed as the most muscular yet beautiful nurse in the world
And she is …. Yuan Herong – the prettiest nurse ever
Or also goes with another name: Vien Hop Vinh
Wow! If only looking at the photo of her wearing her nurse uniform, we could have thought that she is a soft and skinny girl. But, the thing which surprises me the most is when she puts on her gym workout outfit and shows off her muscular biceps
And owning big muscles is also known as her special feature, unlike many other beautiful hot girls from China that we often see
However, she also has many things in common with them like having pointed chin, small lip, big round eyes and high nose bridge. Some people even said that she looks like an angel. Many of her fans follow her on Instagram not only to look at her angelic pretty face but also to admire her big and giant biceps
With many of her muscular photos, this lady used to become a hot phenomenon on social media and of course, the reporters and paparazzies had to spend lots of time and effort to write many amazing articles about her. After her photos went viral, there were many arguments state that her angelic face does not suit with her muscular body, oh, but because of that, that she has own a very special and unique beauty for her, which attracts millions of followers on Instagram
In October/2019, she casted a blast on social media with the video of her putting on the wedding dress
Many photos showing clearly the contrast between her baby face and the 6 packs body of her making many people shocked, and some even thought that this is a product of photoshop
Her beloved and supportive fans often call her with the nicknames like: “muscular hot girl” and many other lovely ones as well. There are numbers of people said that Yuan looks pretty alike to Chun Li – a character from the game “Street Fighter”, and yes, this actually makes a lot of sense
If looking at her clear packs and muscles for the first time, many people might have thought that Yuan works as a coach in many fitness centers. Oh, in fact, she only visits the gym whenever she has some free time to spend. She did practice bodybuilding for a short time, but, her main income is actually working as a nurse, or as a caregiver in Qingdao, Shandong province, China. On Instagram, the photos of her appearing in her nurse uniform even catches people’s eyes more than those that she shows off her muscles. Many people even commented below her photos that she looks more like an angel, not a nurse. Do you think so?
Accordingly, Yuan is deeply in love with sports. Besides bodybuilding, she also practices taekwondo, tai chi chuan, yoga and dancing. Wow! What an amazing talent that a lady like her could do, right? She is viewed as a great model for people to look up, and is a clear proof for how women are comparable to men whenever it comes to those extreme sports like bodybuilding – which will be accomplished if we willing to learn and practice regularly
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