Lila's mind

Enrico Bernard film (original title in italian ” Un mostro di nome Lila”) with Eva Henger.
Director’s final cut. © Enrico Bernard
Fantasies, desires, anguishes, anxieties, and fears dominate her mind. Incapable of an inner psyche and inner personal relationship, of a calm communication between the various parts of the “Self” and with the other persons, without falling into persecutory and depressive forms. Her mental mechanisms of division, of projective identification, and introspection are “massive”, that is, very intense, uncontrollable from a very primitive mind such as Lila’s. A mind capable only of generating monsters, gods, or demons and at the same time, impotent and unable to dominate them, lacking a paternal figure, a container, for all these intense disturbing sufferings. Film in Italian. Script in english, german, french with the most beutiful film and photos and frames paperback and kindle here: